A Voice of Reason for Ward 6 and the Las Vegas City Council.

Holding Government Accountable.
Working for Our Community.

Why I am running

For more than two decades, I have advocated and worked tirelessly to find common-sense solutions to help our community. As a government watchdog, I have dedicated the last nine years to analyzing data and holding the government accountable. 

Right now, government is not working. Our housing crisis is forcing seniors and veterans who served our country to choose between buying prescription medicines or paying their rents. Crime is rising and our neighbors worry about their personal safety. Many have lost confidence in our school district. The rising cost of daily life is eating into hard-earned wages. 

Despite the collective pain and growing anxiety, no one seems to have a plan for helping our families. Politicians spend more time fighting in public meetings or on social media instead of coming up with a strategy for the future. Elected officials avoid making tough decisions or tackling big problems because they are too busy worrying about their next office or position.   

We can do better. We need to do better — for our neighbors, our children, and our grandchildrenIt’s not about the next election for me. It’s about the next generation. 

As your next City Councilwoman, I am committed to:

  • Putting people over partisan allegiances and listening to everyone
  • Leading with ideas
  • Holding our government accountable and making sure government is user-friendly and working for you
  • Creating a safe and vibrant community — one where neighbors feel safe to walk and recreate, and 
  • Moving us forward as we continue our economic recovery.


I have lived in Ward 6 for almost 14 years. It’s where my husband and I have joyfully raised our three children (and two dogs). Service is and always has been my priority. As your next Councilwoman, I will champion the interests of Ward 6. Among these priorities are increasing the stock of housing in the region, helping our small businesses return to pre-pandemic success, reducing crime, providing much-needed care for our seniors and veterans, improving our schools, and creating safe and healthy neighborhoods.

I don’t have political ambition. I have problem-solving ambition and I will work to identify common-sense solutions to help our community.  I am:

  • A respected policy expert
  • A government watchdog
  • Knowledgeable about tax and fiscal policies
  • A successful nonprofit business leader and current owner of a small business
  • Widely recognized for my ability to work across party lines and with various community organizations
  • An inventive, open-minded, and entrepreneurial thinker
  • Committed to listening to the needs of all residents of Ward 6, and 
  • A proud wife and mom and person of faith


It would be an honor to serve my community, and the residents of Ward 6 as a Las Vegas City Council member.  I would appreciate your support and your vote in the primary election on June 14, 2022.  Please email me at nancy@brune4vegas.com or call me at 725-254-8334.